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Who? We are Madison Media International - a marketing company. We stand for high-profile customers, highest quality and an incredible variety of disciplines.

What do a multi-platinum awarded music management, a renowned IT agency with more than 100 clients and 7-digit marketing successes for internationally known companies have in common? - They are part of our competence portfolio.

How do we turn your company / project / product into a brand that your customer will love?

...well, let's get in touch and we'll tell you!


Some clients & stars we've worked for

20th Century Fox   //   Activision   //   Addnfahrer   //   Anthropus GmbH   //   Anti Aging Insitut GmbH   //   Arcangel   //   Artlima AG   //   Bad Bunny   //   Banger Musik GmbH   //   Brain Effect   //   Daddy Yankee   //   Davidoff   //   Die Klangmacher GmbH   //   DJ Antoine   //   Ems elektro-maschinenbau GmbH   //   Enissa Amani   //   Er & Ich Verlags GmbH   //   Erkan & Stefan   //   GBI AG   //   HBO   //   Honor   //   Hyundai   //   Joznez   //   Kanzlei Lucas Strafrecht   //   Kärcher   //   Kiefer Vermögensverwaltung GmbH   //   Klüpfl & Kobr   //   Knipfer Immobilien GmbH   //   Konzertbüro Augsburg GmbH   //   KOMMOD   //   Kontor Records   //   K & K Verwaltungs GmbH   //   Lentrodt Immobilien GmbH   //   Levis   //   Lil Pump   //   Lionsgate   //   LK Konzerte GmbH   //   Lotto Bayern   //   Löwen Wohnbau GmbH   //   Lucenzo   //   Maluma   //   Marvel Entertainment   //   Mc Donald's   //   Mein Wohnraum GmbH   //   Mercedes   //   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer   //   Michael Jackson: The True Story   //   Michl Müller   //   Monoprice   //   Münchener Immobilien Markt GmbH   //   München Medical   //   Napapijri   //   Natti Natasha   //   Negah Amiri   //   Netflix   //   Paramount Pictures   //   Prof. H.c. Dr. Med. Kocsis   //   Riot Games: League of Legends   //   Rocco GmbH   //   SMARTments business Betriebsgesellschaft mbH   //   Sony Music Group   //   Starshine Group LLC   //   Sean Paul   //   Stefan Verra GmbH   //   Universal Music Group   //   Verband Deutscher Bergsteiger E.V.   //   Veronica Kiriak   //  Walt Disney Studios   //   Warner Bros. Pictures   //   Zalando   //   and waaay more...    

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